Yes, this is a campaign for the return of a bust of Winston Churchill. But it aims to show logically why we are offended by Bush and Blair; and how we can return the offence.  

Below is a transcript of a letter sent to the Government Art Collection on 20/10/04 outlining a the case for a return of a bust of Winston Churchill. The bust was  loaned to President Bush by Tony Blair on 16th July 2001.  The letter in full is 7000 words so for those who wish to browse, I've broken it into sections of relevant interest in chronological order.

1) Constant reference to Churchill

2) Presentation of Bust

3) Why the gift was unprecedented

4) Other Churchill Gifts to Bush

5) Bush may be related to royalty

6) Lady Randolph saves Epstein the artist of the Churchill Bust

7)  About Jacob Epstein the artist of the Churchill Bust

8)  Epstein, religion, Islam, Bin Laden, Bush ignorance

9) Epstein's influence on Churchill Bust

10) 1946 Birth of Bush, Bust and Cold War

11)Relating to Gandhi

12)The International Criminal Court and why the US is beyond the jurisdiction

13) Short argument how America might lose in Court

14) Threat to Democracy

15) Hypocrisy/John Pilger

16) Potential for Eternal War

17) The issue and the protest - Why the Churchill Bust should be returned

18) Questions to GAC, George Bush, The UN, and ICC


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